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Small Business Leadership: Mentors

Posted by Marvin LeBlanc

To have success in business, mentors can give the inspiration needed to achieve.

General Ferdinand Foch of France once quoted

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

Through mentors people can be inspired and their souls set on fire with drive and determination for success in business.

If you think you can achieve success in business and be inspired without a mentor, you are being naive. Everyone needs a mentor to some degree to keep direction and retain motivation.success in business

Perform your own self-evaluation and consider these four things honestly:

1. Who are your mentors? What people have inspired you in your life? From childhood through college and into adult life, there are numerous people who have given you than extra push to achieve and become inspired.

2. List your mentors by name and recall how they inspired you. Mentors can take different approaches. What may seem like a small thing to one person could mean a life of positive experiences for another. From a simple pat on the back from your football coach, to that encouraging message from the local church leader, or that gentle yet firm lecture from your teacher – mentors can affect you in many ways.

3. When have you last been in contact with your mentors? Can you reach out to them and rekindle your relationships again? You can initiate by making a simple “thank you” call and telling them how they have changed your life in a positive way. Or you can find out how they are doing and show concern for their well-being.

4. Be open to seeking out new mentors. There are more people willing to help you than you may realize! At work there are always good supervisors and managers who are seeking out people eager to be mentored. Even fellow coworkers or those in people in your social network may be willing to give some inspiration and guidance to help you on your way – all you need to do is ask and be open.

Never believe you have all the knowledge that you need. There are always opportunities to gain knowledge and inspiration from the mentors in your life. Keep an open mind and welcome the inspiration to ignite your soul.

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